Who We Are

The Risk Communication Research Group (RCRG) at Cornell University focuses on issues related to environmental, health, risk, and science communication. Members and guests meet weekly to discuss research, present ongoing work, and share expertise and resources. We are a multidisciplinary group, and our collaborators include scholars from various Cornell departments, including Earth & Atmospheric Sciences,¬†Natural Resources,¬†Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and¬†Veterinary Medicine, as well as other universities. We welcome guests and potential new members. If you’d like to join us, please contact us for more information.

Katherine McComas, Professor, Dept. of Communication
Jason Holley, PhD candidate, Dept. of Communication
Catherine Lambert, PhD student, Dept. of Communication
Dominic Balog-Way, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate, Dept. of Communication
Alisius Leong, PhD student, Dept. of Communication
Josephine Martell, PhD student, Dept. of Natural Resources

Current Risky Group Members striking a “Brady Bunch” pose (Clockwise from Bottom-Left: Katherine, Jason, Catherine, and Dominic)

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