Our alumni and collaborators include former graduate students, current and former faculty and their current and former students, and friends. Many former Cornell graduate students continue to collaborate on projects. For nearly a decade, we have come together the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting for a “Thirsty Bear” dinner.

2016 SRA Thirsty Bear in San Diego, CA

2015 SRA Thirsty Bear in Alexandria, VA

Cornell Alumni

John Besley | Michigan State University

Chris Clarke | George Mason University

Graham Dixon | Washington State University 

Mary Beth Deine | University of Texas-Austin

2014 SRA Thirsty Bear in Denver, CO

Gina Eosco | Eastern Consulting Group

Darrick Evensen | Cardiff University

Laura Rickard | University of Maine

Sungjong Roh | Singapore Management University

Joseph Steinhardt | Michigan State University

Janet Yang | University of Buffalo

2013 SRA Thirsty Bear in Baltimore, MD

2013 SRA Thirsty Bear in Baltimore, MD

2011 SRA Thirsty Bear in Charleston, SC

2010 SRA Thirsty Bear in Salt Lake City, UT

2009 SRA Thirsty Bear in Baltimore, MD

2008 SRA Thirsty Bear in Boston, MA

2007 SRA Thirsty Bear in San Antonio, TX

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